Guest presenter at PBSS

Experiences learned from IND filings - small molecule CMC IND filing for FIH studies.

UBC Webinar: Biomanufacturing & Quality Control

xCellarate delivered a 2-hr webinar on the topic of Biomanufacturing & Quality Control, -Cell & Gene Therapy, recombinant proteins, MAb's, and vaccines. The October 2022 webinar was a component of the Regulatory Affairs Micro-credential Programme at UBC. 

Blog: Remote Auditing

Lessons learned from a year and a half of rapid changes imposed on the industry by the pandemic.

Webinar with Redica Systems

Invited to speak about strategies and lessons learned in developing a QMS for small enterprises. Including challenges observed from COVID-19 pandemic impact. 

Rise of Virtual/Remote work article in PDA Letter 

Case studies including COVID-19 project execution

Unprecedented global phenomenon

Co-authored with Ali Ardakani of Novateur Ventures

QA Compliance & GPP's in Cannabis Industry

Keystone Laboratories conference series

Speaking engagement in partnership with QnR Associates

Final Agenda Preparing Your Cannabis Facility for Success.pdf

Foreign Manufacturing Sites

Challenges with foreign sites in NHP industry

Foreign Sites article -Contact Canada 2008.pdf

QA Agreements in Health Regulated Industries

Vital importance of good QA Agreements

rock solid QA agreements article.pdf

GEN Article

Contributing writer for numerous articles

Fenton Fong GEN Apr15-07.pdf

Genetic Engineering News articles published

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